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Corbett Elephant SafariJim Corbett National Park

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Welcome to Elephant Safari Booking in Jim Corbett National Park. For those people who would like to experience the wilderness of a national park at its best, the option to stay at an FRH inside the park is the best option. When the sound of various animals comes from the dense dark forest, nothing in this world compares with that feeling of joy mixed with fear. When you pick up your torch to have a look at your surroundings, you can sight lots of eyes glowing in the light of your torch from the outside of the Rest House's electrical fencing. Deers, Wild Boars and sometimes even Tigers can be seen and heard very close to the fencing of the Rest House.
The Corbett National park elephant safari is incomparable to any other safari when it comes to adventure and excitement. The experience of touring the forest on the back of an elephant can add to the excitement of exploring the jungle. Corbett Park elephant safaris can help explore the rarest accessible wildlife zones of the Park. The rare and endangered species of the Jim Corbett Park can be looked into closely when one opts for the elephant safari. Such safaris give the advantage of being able to get a glimpse of areas like the rivers, scenic valleys, grasslands, thick forests and rugged trekking trails surrounding the thick wildlife boundary.
Corbett National Park offers you with the facilities of Jungle Safari. One can look for nature safari, to have bird watching and enjoying the precious nature. You can also have elephant safari through the jungles of Corbett and if lucky enough can even spot some tigers. If adventurous further or to have some memorable moments, can take up an Elephant safari, really amazing experience.